Friday, March 28, 2008

long time no see

Yes, I know. It has been too long since my last update.
I have a whole list of excuses for that but the simple truth is that I've been really busy with some projects of mine and I'd like to speak a bit about them.
First of all I've spent a great deal of time developing a new mobile portal capable of working on Firefox, Opera, iPhone, nokia n958gb... basically wherever Microsoft is not involved.
You can test it right here:

It's ads completely free, quick to use, practical, italian speakers oriented and naturally is special. It contains a small portion of the best of internet as I see it and I'd say my sight is well trained.

The second project is... I'm a switcher! You heard it right: I moved to Mac as I'm now a proud owner of a shiny new MacBook Pro 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo Penryn. I've been using Windows for quite some time (more then a decade) and it's really fantastic to move back to Macintosh after so many years. I've spent the last weeks testing new software and getting in good terms with Leopard, a SO that I simply adore.

The third project is... I'm studying Swedish! Yeah, of course I already knew Swedish, but now I'm going to school every morning to an intensive course and you have no idea how confusing it is to write english now...

The fourth project is... I'm looking for work as mechanical engineering in Sweden. It's not easy, not easy at all for no natives to find job, but I thought it wouldn't be that hard for english speakers. Well.... it's quite complicated but still possible. One need just to know where to knock... and I think lately I finally knocked on the right door.
I'll post news on the matter as soon as I can, since this might interest people interested on moving to Sweden for life.