Sunday, September 9, 2007

Tecniques for the digital photographer

This is intended to be a list of sites with guides for digital pictures editing. These guides usually require Photoshop and a camera with manual settings and naturally they are all in english.
This post will take a big effort of mine: I don't mean to make my own tutorial but for each method I'll find I'll post the original poses and the results I'll get.

HDR link 1

This is the first I tried.
I took three shots of the same picture varying exposition with image blanketing and aperture priority.

I used first Photoshop CS3 and then Photomatrix.
Photoshop took a big deal of time, more than 10 minutes and got me this result:

high dinamic range photography - test 1

Photomatrix did the same in a couple of minutes and got me this:

high dinamic range photography - test 2

My impression is that photoshop must be controlled better during the conversion 32->8bit per channel as the results are not worth the time spent for the merging.

Two more tests. Now things start getting interesting!

Orton effect

autumn rose


I've found an amazing video here describing the use of Orton effect.

Other links:
HDR from a single jpeg
Digital Blending

I found out another technique I wish to learn and master. It's called Unsharp Mask.


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