Friday, June 29, 2007


the moon from my window
Originally uploaded by skandymicky
Yesterday I felt inspider by the moonlight and decided to take a shot (actually a bit more then one: see Zoomr for details) with my mom's camera:
Sony DSC-W50.

I felt a little disappointed because taking a good shot to the moon is all but easy and it is clear that the professional cameras are indeed worth their cost.
This is as far as the camera gets. I cannot wait to try out the new camera.

Notice two things: the little point near the top of the pic is Venus, while the yellow light is a street lamp. Don't know which of the two is the most suggestive.

This post is labelled as "left behind" because the moon looks weird from Sweden. In winter time it's usually precluded from sight by clouds, while in summer time... there is far too much sun to take impressive pictures.