Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Swedish girls - photostream and videos

Some of you'll think this is totally cool, while others horrible. Either way I've been spending some time on Flickr and youTube on the lookup for other Sweden supporters around the web and I came up with this guy who is probably much more sex focused than me but nevertheless had the great idea of merging his experience inside swedish disco into pictures and videos streams.
I hope the half of you finding it disgusting won't hate me for that, and the other half won't think that's all about Sweden there is.

So: here they come.
One of the most amazing photostream: --> link
Same guy, but with videos: --> link

Have a little sample of both:

atreidesz4 - View my 'Ragazze Svedesi - Swedish Girls' set on Flickriver

Watching these pictures I think of what it means to live in Sweden as I did for almost one year. It remembers me the reason why I hate italian discos where there are 70% boys and the girls behave like princesses. It makes me sad because I've had so much fun over there even with not that cool kind of girls, because they are nice and easy talking and always smiling and drinking like men.


Honestly: I've never been more then a few weeks away from Sweden and I don't know how long I'm going to be stuck here. Let's hope this won't be too long.

Not bad, ha?


Ferdinando said...

sappi che con questo post è come se mi avessi lasciato un invito a venirti a trovare in svezia:-)

skandy said...

Beh, non sono di certo tutte così, ma sicuramente ce ne sono tante così, soprattutto nei privatissimi club di Stoccolma.
L'unico problema è trovare il coraggio di farsi avanti e capire che quando una ragazza svedese ti sorride non significa che è interessata a te ma semplicemente che ha voglia di sorridere. L'ho imparato sulla mia pelle :D

learn said...

wouu, it really nice..but here we can find more girls like that,so many asian girls here as beautiful as in your pic..