Friday, October 26, 2007

Demand Paging on the new N95 8GB

The new N95-2 has got demand paging after all. What's more it appears nokia has in store a firmware update for the old N95-1 but there is no certainty on the firmware release due to marketing advantages.
Proof of demand paging on N95-2 are in the comments of early adopters: they stated that the nokia boots up in 22 seconds and is speedier then ever. Also the available memory doesn't sum up: there is more memory than there's supposed to be. It's logical that if demand paging is on the system can boot much quicker because it doesn't need to load up everything but just the needed parts of the system.
The CPU won't work at full load during the system (or applications) loading which overall means that demand paging is a battery saving feature after all!
Sum that with the bigger battery, more memory, 8GB storage and black cover and you'll understand why I decided to turn my attention on this mobile phone, soon to be released in Italy (probably by next week from TIM!) for 600€.

Here is the proof:

The shocking announcement is at time 3.20
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