Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Canon Powershot G7

In retrospective I shouldn't have done that. The camera is far too expensive... but after reading the full review... I couldn't... I just couldn't let go. This camera is right about everything I could possibly expect from photography - short of going professional - for the next five years.
The Canon Powershot G7 is this one:

You can read the full review on this page: dpreview

The camera was bought here: they do high quality e-commerce from both their online-shop and from eBay. The latter offers better prices as you can well imagine.

I'm also trying to buy a Sandisk microSD Ultra II 2GB from eBay which is proving trickier then I thought. Yesterday I lost the auction for merely 50 pence and I didn't take it so well (my girl was also on the phone when the auction closed and nobody likes losers).
Besides: I've made the order and the camera should be delivered in due time. This way I'll be able to shoot gorgeous pictures of Liguria and 5 Terre right before leaving this country and I'll have something to look at during the long winters in Sweden.
Also I think it's really nice to have something really good to show my northern friends (speaking of pictures, not cameras). I think they'll never really understand the reasons for my leaving after they see what was left behind.

Cheer up! Photos are on their way!
back to studying now!