Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Italian news making spoilers of HP7 to help share

Tonight I'm in turmoil.
This is probably a very common Italian custom, something usually shown on the American movies: italians watching Telly at dinner time.
I don't usually watch TV; it has something to do with it being controlled (partially or totally, who cares any more) by the most shameful citizen of Italy (you know who) and, in general, being one of the worst televisions in EU. The only exception are the news which are interesting because in a few minutes you can get a glimpse of what's going on in Italy and some tiny little shy uncomplete infos about the rest of the world. I could easily get my live feeds from the net (I like BBC the most) but I've had some bandwidth issues of late which made it impossible to watch live streams from the internet. Thankfully today my DSL connection is back on shape!
This dinner time TV watching is a habit I don't resent giving up, not at all, not after tonight.

At 7.57 PM of 07/18/2007 the RAI most important channel, RAI1, started as usual its TG1 to update all the paying costumers on the main news of the day.
I got to be clear on that: italians don't like paying for TV, no more then the next man at the very least, but as far as they own a TV they are obliged to pay this absolutely unfair tax of TV-ownership to RAI. Not so long ago this entitled them to three channels without ads and some quality shows. Nowadays RAI is full of trash TV, no-stop ads and a full dose of tits every day, enough to disgust even a young watcher like me. You may start wondering what the money is all for since they do have ads. The answer is quite simple: money is necessary to pay people like Bruno Vespa, Santoro, half naked girls, some 100% idiot italian tv series with mediocre actors, Bonolis, american movies with italian dubs, the so called journalist blabbering about sexual adventures of football players and so on; in synthesis people that never performed a honest day of work in they wasteful lives or never did anything useful for society.
Since you have no choice on the matter most italians pay for the service and appear quite proud of doing so, like it was something honest people have to do. God protect them!

What enraged me tonight was the news about the coming last book of Harry Potter. As most of the World I'm a huge HP fan. I love it. I loved it since I started reading the first book. I learned written english on JK books and started learning spoken english on WB movies. I've been waiting for eons to read the final battle between the little wizard and Lord Voldemort. With every new book I've felt elated, jubilant and enthusiastic. Out of the bookstore with a shiny new book in my hands I've always felt a need of closure, isolation for the rest of the world to the sole purpose of reading the book. No lunch, no dinner and no sleep so far as the book had something to reveal in the next page. You understand what I mean, don't you?
Well, tonight I started watching the news a little later then usual, so I didn't get the synthesis of the news, and imagine my surprise when this "human" made a spoiler about the catharsis of the book, days before the official book selling start! Imagine my shock when I frantically tried to grab the remote and power off this stupid object. Imagine my sorrow while, pushing the freaking red button, I couldn't help but listen to what TG1 was spoiling.
I hate them. I totally hate them. They ruined the sore pleasure of a passionate reader. They ruined the waiting. They spoiled my trepidation.
I'm in distraught.

I'm sorry: I just cannot go on! I'll edit this post tomorrow when my bitterness has sobered down a little, else I say something I may come to regret.