Wednesday, July 4, 2007

iPhone partial unlock & camera test

UPDATE: here is the unlock program: go to --> iPhone dev team

This is not The Solution to all the wrongs of this cool device, but surely is a huge step. There is a hack that avoids AT&T activation and permits access to the ipod, Safari and WiFi. Read all you want from this site: go to --> So Sue Me

Another interesting source (mainly for us europeans) is here: go to --> iPhone WiKi.
They are attempting to access the serial side of the radio to issue an unlocking code they think will work. Don't know what to think about that. Could Apple be that easy???
Next: some new pictures taken from the iPhone camera: go to --> Blakespot's gallery
I like them ;)

UPDATE: September 10 2007

For italian readers here is a link with plenty of information for iPhone unlocking: go to --> link