Friday, July 27, 2007

Me, a Fonero

I've just received my FON router.
For those of you who don't know what FON is go here: --> link
Amazing how things moved fast: I made the order no more then 3 days ago and I'm already here with my new router delivered by UPS!!!

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The package is complete: two sticks, LAN cable, router (so tiny!!!) and instructions; in shorts all you need to start up your WiFi freedom.
The lot costed just 20€ because a friend of mine invited me in (actually if you are interested I have some invites and I would be happy to use them).

Here is my new WLAN window. The linksys is my home network and now there are two more available, both from the FON router. One is for me only and is protected with WPA-PSK (but I can change it to WEP or open), while the other is open but naturally you need to be a fonero to use it!

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I discovered I can access the FON router settings through
It works via WAN and I can change the encription from WPA to WEP (or also make it open), modify the bandwidth for the FON users who happen to be within router range, change router's IP, forward ports, change passwords and activate SSID broadcasting.
I'm under the impression that when I'm logged in the protected network, users cannon access the free FON service.
There is still a little issue to be addressed. I'm used to a static IP configuration (no DHCP) for my computers so every time I log in the FON router I'm supposed to switch on the DHCP which is a little bit annoying.
In the and this is a worthy way to enhance the range of my home network and the possibility to login everywhere in the world with other Linuses is simply amazing.